Michelle developed an interest and passion for food as part of her journey working with 12 fruit and veg suppliers of the Melbourne wholesale markets. Part of her role included cross-promoting and credible sources of information with nutritional value, health benefits and the importance of a well-balanced intake of fruit and veg. Over the years, Michelle also learnt in her own journey, the health implications of strict dieting and severe under eating which included the taught fear to not each fruit or any vegetable that wasn’t green, to reach a body composition goal.

Having been a part of the Bodybuilding competition scene, firsthand knowledge of what were standard practices of dieting methodologies, and the severe potential consequences that women suffered, Michelle chose to make it her message that there is a far better and healthier way of getting the body you want. Coming from a Personal Training background and running a private studio for 5 years, Michelle has undertaken continuous nutritional education to be the best she can.

It would be a fair assumption that these days, there is so much information out there that it makes it harder to make a decision as to which is the best way to go. Michelle teaches a primary way to eat, then flexibility, and the rest of the approach is then individualistic. Michelle’s eldest son is an Amateur MMA Fighter which is how she branched into the niche of all disciplines of fighters and furthermore Triathletes, AFL, Cross Country, Motocross and Swimmers.

Through working with so many different fighters from local amateurs right through to UFC Fighters, Jimmy Crute, Jake Matthews, Ben Sosoli, Montana DeLaRosa, Michelle realised there is so much misinformation and old school ways to make weight. Sadly, people are putting their lives at risk because their information is either off a PDF from the Internet, or ‘that’s just how we do it’. Having heard of fighters sitting in the sauna and have stopped sweating and forced to stay in anyway, from not being able to see properly once in the ring and aware their responses are slower, to seeing stars and passing out, Michelle’s mission is to help reduce a fighter weight cutting unless they absolutely have to, and if they do, doing it under the safest circumstances possible.

To gain the best knowledge available on weight cutting and rehydration practices, she personally mentored with UFC Weight cut specialist George Lockhart from Lockhart and Leith. George was Conor McGregor’s personal nutritionist, along with some of the biggest names in UFC today.

Michelle absolutely loves working with a variety of people, clients that are 180kg and clients that come from food phobic backgrounds like hers, those who just want to feel and look better, those who want to better their performance, those who have a specific goal and those who do not. Therefore, you do not need to tick any specific box other than, you just want to be better for yourself.








Since 2017 Michelle Reeves has worked closely with Sam Greco, decorated professional fighter, to empower people and change lives.  Simply expressed as “I AM A FIGHTER”, this campaign is brought to life through motivational speaking, unique physical training and community charity services.  It is in these arenas that Sam’s message of strength, resilience and all of the necessary aspects that are required to achieve your own greatness are enforced.


The team at Lockhart and Leith, which includes Michelle Reeves, combines a variety of unique backgrounds and experiences with a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, endocrinology, and nutrition to push the limits of human performance. From professional fighters and Olympic Trial Qualifiers, time spent in the military supporting combat and Special Operations units abroad, to healthy lifestyle enthusiasts our team has an immense amount of knowledge and passion in training, nutrition, and coaching. Michelle has been personally trained and mentored by George Lockhart himself, co-founder and Nutritionist.