Do you find it hard to stop snacking?

This generally fits into a yes or no response, and there were so many that said yes. Here’s the thing with snacking, it’s such an easy way to over consume calories.

You can pick at so many things, feel like you haven’t eaten much, and just over eat full stop.

Now, I find with notorious snackers, they have these things in common:

1. Daily protein intake is fairly low.

Protein keeps you fuller for longer. A great easy way to swap a snack for a meal, make a smoothie. Protein powder, fruit, yoghurt, liquid, ice, blend. So many ways to be creative

2. Veggie intake is low.

Plate like a vegan, add your protein. Spud lite baked potato, my own slaw plus fajita spiced chicken.

3 You aren’t drinking enough water.

Thirst can be misconstrued as hunger. Try drinking 1-2 glasses water before reaching for the snack

4. Are you actually hungry?

It’s easy to pick if you are bored, tired, “feel like” xyz and proximity rules. If its there, chances are you will eat it. So, you will either have to make sure it’s not around you, or actually plan to have it in your day.

5. Restriction mentality.

Instead of actually choosing certain “snacky” things (common thought is that snack things are bad) , there’s a common mindset of I shouldn’t eat that, but you do anyway, then because you have, you go oh well I have had xyz, I mays well have this too. Try saying, I choose to have this bit of chocolate or whatever it is and move on with your day. Make sure all the rest of your meals are in. It’s called balance