In a world full of myths, misinformation and overall confusion, I am to show you the fat loss you have been chasing can be achieved!

My method is made to help you cut through all ambiguity of food, know what to eat, how to put it all together, to reach your goals.

What’s Waiting For You Inside:

  • A learning pathway to understanding the foundations of food
  • Complete resource pack with food charts, meal building and planning
  • What is realistic fat loss & how long will it take
  • Meal planning ideas and templates
  • Practical ideas how to incorporate your food for a family, nightshift, FIFO, on the road, whatever your lifestyle is

When you need to get to the next level. Every week we work together on your plan, needs, finer details to maximise your goals

Once a quarter, I will spend an hour creating a template to help you tailor your desired and goals

Your online, self paced foundation building prog. Cut thro all the BS to give yourself the best chance to succeeding.

Learn how to build out your fight camp or pre season to maximise body comp, fat loss & perf.

Rehydration, Refuel, The good stuff, 3-5% dehydration can effect, perf up to 30%. Do you want to leave that on the table?

Don’t know what to eat on fight week? How to rehydrate effectively? Refuel? How important is it? Sweat rate? Rules for eligibility.

Online Messaging Only. Is the weight you want to fight at reasonable? How do you know? Fighters corner is to help you make sure you know. How much fat do you have to use? What’s reasonable? How much over what timeframe? What food, Timing & Structure, Fight week, Weight cut – is it for you? Rehydration and Refueling, Bloods & B Vitamins.