Training at night time. Some people prefer to train at night cause it’s easier to do after work. More often than not if its sports specific, classes run from 6pm onwards. So why can’t you sleep? You are so tired post your class but lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Wired but tired.

First, so many clients are scared to eat at night especially when they get home at 9pm. Somehow, we have all been conditioned to again that magic fat fairy will come out after 7pm. It’s always about context. In this particular case, training whether it be weight training or mixed martial arts, coming home and eating nothing is not a good idea. Our bodies understand fight or flight simply put. In training, you are in fight mode therefore your body acts accordingly. If you want to sleep properly, gain the most from your training, recover properly and not get up the next day feeling like you have been hit by a sledge-hammer, then eat when you get home.

Now, what do you eat though? Always still depends on whatever someone is trying to achieve, however the general consensus would be: high energy carbohydrate and a protein source at least. Did I say carbs? Did I say carbs at night? Yep.



With the majority of my clients, they would eat something like rice, banana, honey, and mixed with egg whites OR Baked potato with chicken/fish OR Protein shake mixed with fruit just for some basic examples.

Just to add to that, so many people do not drink enough water. I have had some clients weigh themselves pre training and post, only to find out they can lose up to 2.5kg over a 1.5 hour period. Dehydration has a series of effects on how you feel including how you will function the next day. 3% dehydration potentially reduces performance by up to 30%.

Eat post training. Drink your water. Use electrolytes where necessary.