I have liquid gold.

I have the secret that will help you lose weight, make you feel heaps better and for an added bonus, your skin will look and feel amazing.

I am going to bottle it up, make it super sexy and bold; you are going to love it!

And I am going to sell it to you for only $70 per litre.

Are you dying to know what it is yet?

Ssshhhh now do not be telling anyone, otherwise I will not make any money off this ingenious product. Here it is:

1.Go to your cupboard
2.Get a glass
3.Walk over to your kitchen tap and pour in some water

BAM… Liquid gold.

Hahaha I’m kidding… no, I’m not actually.

So many private clients, when I ask how much water they are drinking, look at me astonished when the homework I give them for the week is “focus on increasing your water by XYZ”, because 98% of the time it’s not enough. The response is usually “What? Water? You just want me to drink more water?”

When I speak to them the following week, and they’ve actually followed my request, it’s amazing how many report how hard it was, how much they had to pee, and finally “how much better my skin is, and I feel less bloated because I’m moving my bowels more!”

Hmmm funny that, something so simple can improve so many different parts of the body.

Some ideas on how to get more water in?

Fill your water bottle
Black coffee
Green Tea
Protein Shakes
Water based fruits and veggies

So drink your water people, its liquid gold and it is highly underestimated in terms of weight loss and general health.