This soon to be 50 years old young man, had what seemed like great food, exercise except something didn’t add up.

6 months work with about 8 weeks pre work of working out the underlying issues that were bottlenecking progress.

Fast forward, 10kgs down, energy to function, energy to exercise and train properly, feels better and of course fat loss.

These days most people think that 8 weeks or 12 weeks fixes everything even if it’s taken you 6 years to arrive where you are at your heaviest and unhealthiest.

Just today, I saw someone advertising great results from a program they sold, with 1100 calories, 2-3 times a day cardio, around 20-25k steps per day, and 4 weight training sessions…..

If you want to be able to function, maintain and perform, then I always try to keep deficits at a relatively low level. This means it takes longer, requires patience, and not instant gratification, and is maintainable. Yes, there’s always exceptions but that’s another story.

These kind of transformations I absolutely love because it covers everything and made this guy feel a million dollars and has quality of life, on an awesome amount of food, with flexibility meals built in 🙂